Friday, August 27, 2010

Pool Time with Selah and Luke

This morning I walked my new adorable buddies Selah and Luke (momma and son) over to their family pool a few blocks away for some major swim time fun! The minute we walked into the back yard, both dogs did flying leaps into the pool and then proceeded to swim laps! Stay tuned for round two!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Knoxville and the Ducks

Yesterday, I took my new client Knox out for a thirty minute walk around his neighborhood. Knox has a swagger like no other dog I've ever walked. He is absolutely crazy about ducks and his neighborhood is filled with them! Check out the picture above of him studying the ducks swimming around in the lake. If only Knox could speak...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Boykin and Beagle Snuggle Time!

This weekend Ruthy May and Moose were pretty beat from the heat. I thought this was such a cute shot of them relaxing on Sunday afternoon. It actually started with Moose by herself, but Ruthy took it upon herself to wiggle her way into her sister's space. From the looks of the picture, Moose didn't seem to mind!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rub~A~Dub~Dub...Teddy in the Tub!

Today I took Teddy and his sister Jackie over to Doolittles for a lunch time bath where both dogs were treated to an oatmeal aloe scrub. I captured these adorable pics of Teddy as he prepared for his rinse!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rust Bucket or Vintage Beauty?

After months of riding around on the coolest bike in Charleston, a 1960s era Sears cruiser, I decided it was time for a make over. Sam located another homegrown local business, Affordabike on upper King Street, and the guys there were super excited to take the project on. We dropped her off today and expect the great unveiling of the "CDWC" bike in a couple weeks!

Lola and Friday

Lola and Friday are inseparable. They are both Jack Russell Terriers who enjoy chasing squirrels in the back yard during my Doggie Drop In visits when their mom is away.


Izzy is an ADORABLE three month old Shitzu who is still in the process of becoming house broken. Her mother is a teacher and can't get home during the day, so the Potty Break service is perfect for their needs. I visit Izzy each weekday at mid-day to let her out for a fifteen minute sniff, scratch, and stroll around the yard.

Evenings with Abby

Abby is a three year old hound that I walk for one hour every weeknight. After some spirited play with her friends at the dog park, she especially enjoys ambling through Waterfront Park watching the ships go by.