Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Live in concert...Frances and the Beagles!

As I checked my schedule this morning, I laughed out loud when I read my two walks labeled "Frances and the Beagles." Doesn't that sound like some type of hipster band name?! Move over Shovels & Rope, there's a new act in town...

Really though, Frances, aka Pickle, packed her bags and headed across town to stay with her two cousins, Buster and Roscoe for a few days. When I arrived for their first visit, all 3 were hanging out (taking five from band practice I'm sure) and thrilled for some playtime, despite the rainy day...

Frances & Roscoe checking out the yard scene

Distinguished Buster overseeing the two younger, more impressionable band members/trying to decide how to tinkle without getting his paws wet. 

Frances practicing her "I look this regal without even trying" look...


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  2. I have seen these beagles perform several times live and they are amazing! How trendy is Roscoe rocking the tube necklace?? Obsessed.