Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh Rocco....

This lil stinker, Rocco, looooooves to stick his tongue out for the camera!!!


Our newest little CDWC buddy that just moved from Texas!  What a cutie!

LBD (Little Brown Dog) ROAD TRIP!!!

Took a mid summer road trip and these two were sleeping beauties the entire way!!
Notice how MayMay had to stretch out a paw to touch big sissy

Seat Switch!

Ultimate Cozy Sissy bears

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm ready for my close-up!!!!

Porter sitting pretty for his treat!

Buster licking his lips, hoping for a treat!

Clementine giving me "the eyes" which work every time!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy endings really do exist. Meet Zoe.

abused. abandoned. alone. pregnant.dying.
 her story continues, and as you can imagine it only gets better from here.  I am proud to have a new client that saw Zoe's soul and gave her a second chance at the life she deserves. 
Welcome to your new world Zoe!

Move over Edward Cullen, there's a new vampire in town...and his name is Rocco!

"C'mon Amos, just turn the grill on, Mom said it's okay, promise!"

"Eeeeedie, I'm not touching youuuuuu" xoxo, Amos

Edie learning the joys of having a baby brother!

SNOOZAPALOOZA for these tuckered pups post walk!

Ollie and Lulu side by side after their afternoon walk

While Lulu rests, Ollie contemplates how to score an extra treat!
Lola drifting off to her afternoon slumber
Flip enjoying his siesta in his man cave
Amos, Edie's baby brother taking a break from his usual puppy mischief..

Ben and Lilly kickin it at their favorite spot, the cool tiled floor!

If you're happy and you know it stick your tongue out!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Recently, the Clawson girls were given their very own BOAT...BED!!!  To say they adore it would be an understatement.  All three girls take turns snoozin and cruisin in the comforts of their very own boat bed. With a roomy hull and a bow that doubles as toy storage, this is truly the perfect bed. The company that created the boat bed, is incredible and LOCAL!!!!!!  Check them out to view the Boat Bed and tons of other custom must have accessories for your home and car!

Moose took the boat out Duck Hunting the other morning...looks like it was a successful day!
 Lily Bell patiently waits her turn as MC retires to the cabin for a mid-afternoon nap
 Fiiiinally, Lily gets her turn.  She prefers to snooze care free resting her head on the stern with auto-pilot fully engaged.
 After kicking big sissy out, Ruthy May eventually occupied the boat, with some of her favorite toys in the bow!

Bieber has nothing on Lily Bell...look at those bangs!

 Coiffed and Ready for the red carpet
Tussled wind blown look

A lot of women would KILL for highlights like these...

Check out sweet Henry and his sun-kissed highlights!  He is so regal, even when he's hunting/drooling over squirrels in White Point Gardens.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Introducing....JUNE WIL WINGFIELD!!!!!!

 June's arrival has been a long time coming and I had the pleasure of  finally meeting her last weekend!!!  If it is possible to imagine, she is even cuter in person!  Check her out below posing with her cousin Hazel.  You may recognize Hazel...she is one of the website Models and pretty darn cute herself!!! 

Like so many of the CDWC clients, June is a hard worker...but even hard workers need to rest once in a while.  How many times have you wanted to just stop what you were doing in the office and take a power nap?  Well...June did just that while assisting her dad at the office...   


Friday, February 3, 2012

A day in the life of EDIE!!!

Edie's day starts just like most of ours...She is NOT thrilled about having to wake up...

However, she not only wakes up, but she energizes her day with her self-taught Yoga poses

 As her day continues, Edie manages to fit in TWO walks,  (Edie believes nothing replaces the workout of a good cardio session) all while being challenged with what toy to choose AND scheduling time for a mid-day snack.

Eventually, after a hard day of work, Edie can fiiiiinally take a break!