Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

Over the last month Charleston Dog Walking Co. has been growing by the day...and dog! Check out the new mutt shots of our extended family at CDWC, as everyone smiles for the camera!

Jonah is a man on a mission! Jonah and I power walk twice a week.
He usually keeps his nose low to the ground...nothing gets by him!

Hody is an old soul. Hody and I see each other three times a day
once or twice a week. She is the most easy going dog I've ever met.
I often have to coax her out of her owner's bed for her afternoon walk!!

Although Lilly is a feline, she rules the roost in this household! Her
canine sister Molly (below) is kind enough to share her bed with her.

Although Molly may not attend Clemson football games with her fam,
she certainly wears her team colors proudly on game day (check out
her tiger paw collar)! Sweet Molly and I spend many afternoons
playing her faaaaaavorite game in her side yard...FETCH!

Look at that lil' face! Riley is an older King Charles and although he may be slower
than most, he has NO problem gobbling up his breakfast and supper!

Have you ever known a cat that greets you at the front door? Well...
meet Belle! Belle is Riley's sister, she may be a cat, but acts like a dog!

In the mood for puppy love?? Well, say no more! Beatrice is
a cavapoo with some serious spunk! I would say her
favorite hobbies are wiggling, kissing, and more wiggling!

Capone, Pasquale, Cella
In the mood for Italian? These three fabulous Italian miniature greyhounds
love to romp around the back yard during my Doggie-Drop-Ins.
Check it out... they even know how to smile for the camera!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Disney World For Dogs!

A few weeks ago, Charleston County Recreation Department closed Whirlin' Waters water park down for the season to humans. What they did next was ingenious. They opened the park up for one day and one day only to ALL LowCountry dogs! Sam and I ventured out with Lily Bell and Ruthy May (Moose has ZERO interest in water parks, really water in general) for a day filled with adventure, swimming, fetch, and more swimming.

The best way for me to describe the moment we arrived is to compare it to small children entering Disney World for the first time...Lily and Ruthy were beyond excited as we approached the entrance gate. They could sense something major was about to happen, but they certainly had NO idea that for the next few hours they would be paddling through a lazy river, playing fetch in the Big Kahuna wave pool, and meeting tons of new friends with the same hobbies. It was such a blast for both dogs and humans, we can't wait to go again next year!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

NYC Fashion Week Finale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Gang! It has been a wild week at Charleston Dog Walking Co., so forgive me for not posting sooner. As New York City Fashion Week comes to an end, there is no better way to wrap it up than with the FULL LENGTH, NON-EDITED, MUCH ANTICIPATED interview with Vera Wang and Calvin Klein! I had an overwhelming response from my readers asking all sorts of questions about these two pups. Hopefully after this outrageous Q & A, your questions have been answered!



Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Birthday: January 17th, 2008

Favorite hobbies: I have so much fun walking the neighborhood and running with my between belly rubs and licks. Oh, and playing chase and tug-of-war with my sis' Vera Wang.

Favorite outfit: My off-white Polo shirt with my smokey topaz B.B. Simon collar. To die for:

Favorite Designer: I love Calvin Klein's collection this year, and my sis tells me Vera Wang is good too.

What can currently be found on your Pup-pod? "Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley and "Atomic Dog" by George Clinton

Any plans for the fall? I'm gonna chase some rabbits, ground hogs and deer through the woods on Beech Mtn. They may be bigger than me, but it's all about attitude!



Breed: Maltese

Birthday: June 1st, 2007

Favorite hobbies: Dressing up and going to the mall. I'm a hit at Nordstroms and Crate & Barrel! I play with my brother Calvin Klein....a lot. He may be larger than me but I am top designer dog in this house! I love to bark at dogs that don't wear clothes. I mean really, the only thing that separates us from those animals is our ability to accessorize!

Favorite outfit: My (vintage couture) real mink coat with a pearl & diamond necklace. This 30+ yr ensemble was given to me by a fabulous neighbor of mine and fits perfectly! (as seen in close- up photograph above)

Favorite Designer: Vera Wang, of course! And Calvin Klein and Donatella Versace are next on the list.

What can currently be found on your Pup-pod? Paris Hilton's "Stars are Blind" and Marilyn Monroe's "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend"

Any plans for the fall? I'll be relaxing in my mountain home watching the leaves change and chasing the occasional deer and rabbit. I can act like a dog sometimes too!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Charleston Dog Walking Co. Tribute to NYC Fashion Week: Vera Wang Profile!

In honor of NYC fashion week, I have had the great pleasure to interview fashion icon, Vera Wang!!!! F0r the first time ever, you can take a peek inside Vera's personal closet as well as enjoy some handpicked favorite fashion moments she has donned over the years. Vera resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her dad, Trey, and younger brother, Calvin Klein. Enjoy and stay tuned for Vera's full interview as well as Calvin's profile Monday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fetch N' Fun at James Island County Park

This past Saturday, Sam and I took "The Girls" over to James Island County Park for an afternoon of swimming. Ruthy May prefers to doggy paddle back and forth, while Lily Bell is there for one reason and only one reason. FETCH. Check out her hilarious flying leap as she chases the ball. Notice Ruthy May preparing to assist just in case Lily Bell needs any help...

Echo and Shadow

I received a call asking if I could take on two new clients, Echo and Shadow. I was thrilled to learn that they are Portuguese Water dogs...same breed as Bo Obama! We don't have very many Portuguese Water dogs in Charleston so Echo and Shadow are a huge hit with many of the neighbors and tourists downtown.