Saturday, February 19, 2011

SEWE Weekend: fun for all!!

My weekend client, Currie, an 8 month old Boykin looks and acts a lot like Ruthy May!!!! She is super sweet and looooves to walk...until a horse and carriage crosses her path. Then she carefully walks backward until she can't see it anymore! Very funny to witness.

Baby Beau and I enjoyed walking around Marion Square....He is a popular boy. We couldn't get 5 feet without people stopping to pet him.

Check out this great action shot at Dock Dogs!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby Izzy is MESMERIZED by all the pups at Westminster!!!

Check out the adorable pic above just sent in from Izzy's mommy. Love how intrigued she is :)

Westminster Boykin Show!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a biiiiiiiiiig evening for the Clawson girls!!!! Everyone was so excited to see the debut of the Boykin Spaniels at the Westminster Dog Show...well, almost everyone.

Moosey boycotting.

Ruthy May sizing up the competition for next year!

Lily Bell reflecting on her experience last year in the Charleston Dog Show!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Baby Lula!

Check out baby Lula!!! The sweetest new edition to the Woodard Family...As you can tell from this picture, she is clearly being neglected :) Lula is growing like a weed, so check back soon for more updates!!

Vendue Inn Visit!

Check out this great smile from Banks, a 10 year old yellow lab that was visiting from Atlanta. She looooooved to ride on the elevator each morning. I think that's because she knew once she got through the lobby she would get a treat!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

LUCY: fresh face at CDWC!

Meet Lucy. She is besties with Knox, looooooooves to lead the way on her walk, and enjoys the occasional tummy rub. I mean, what more could you ask for??

Pitiful Post Surgery Izzy!

Sweet Izzy was recently spayed. Here is a picture of her post surgery...According to Emily, who walks her daily, Izzy has been the poster pup after such an ordeal. I have to say I'm not surprised, Izzy is an unusually REALLY well behaved, awesome-natured puppy. Feel better Izzy Bear!!!!

Queen of the DP.

For those of you who don't know what DP obvi means Dog Park. And I'm pretty sure Abigail has crowned herself the queen. This picture seems fitting for royalty...

Movie night with Luke and Selah

Next time you are looking for a date to watch a movie may just want to call these two...Luke and Selah can be found on most weekend nights watching their favorite movie, Cats and Dogs. Sometimes they switch it up and put in Hotel For Dogs...there seems to be a common theme though...

Baby Beau

Meet baby Beau, he seriously looks like a stuffed bear! His personality is as sweet as he looks. He's still a pup, so it's kind of impossible to get him to sit still for a pic. Here's what I got!

Senorita Lily Bell Clawson!!!!

Poor Lily Bell was under the weather a few weeks ago and rather than leave her home while we did some yard work with us at the new house, she came along so Sam and I could monitor her. After an afternoon of fresh air, we called it a day, but had a serious craving for Mexican. We took a chance and asked Santi's if Lily was welcome on the patio. Sure enough, they were thrilled to have her. Sam and I enjoyed a margarita while Lily sipped on a non-alcoholic BARK-arita, hehehehe!!! Shhhh...don't tell Ruthy and Moosy!

A day in the life of Knox...

Every now and then I get to peek into the lives of how my canine clients spend their days...Looks like Knox was living the good life while home at his grandparents during Christmas break...

His day starts at the barn while his mother goes out for a morning ride. His latest mischevious trick is to chase the other horses around the farm. As you can see, this behavior lands him in the stall for a time out. Clearly, this doesn't phase him as he peeks his head out and smiles for the camera!

Later in the day he stretches out on the chaise lounge for his regular afternoon nap.
Early evening he heads to the family room to pose for a quick pic with his brother.

After a trip to his favorite bakery, he ends his evening with a cool doggy ice cream for dessert.

Exciting times at CDWC!!!!

Haaaaaaaaaapy New Year!!!!! CDWC has been craaaazy busy since the last time I posted. Not to worry, I am back with lots of stories and pictures to share! First, I'd like to introduce everyone to Emily! She joined the CDWC family in December and has hit the ground running...Literally!! When she isn't busy taking care of her girly Maisy, the SWEETEST coon hound mix ever, Em can be found walking and running clients all around town. Check her out below with Dylan!!