Monday, November 28, 2011

Not going to lie...I have a really fun job!

The last few months have been extremely busy at CDWC!  We are soooooo lucky to spend time with all of these new faces...Enjoy!!!!





Hey, Don't stick your tongue out at me!

Check out Dennis the Menace, Oops, I mean Churchill, sassing the camera by sticking his tongue out at me!!!! Of course his older sis Alice is smiling like a perfect pup!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Just a day in the life at CDWC...we can't make this stuff up!!!

So...the other day, Amy went over to a new client's house to do a quick "test visit" before our client leaves the country for two weeks. Her sweet dog is very shy and a little skiddish, so we thought, better safe than sorry, right?!

Now, let me give you some background info: Amy's phone broke over the weekend so at the time of the visit, she was still waiting on Fedex to deliver it, so she was phoneless. Our client left for the day, knowing Amy was coming by, but in an early morning slumber, set her alarm and left for a looong day of class/work...

Later that afternoon, I get a frantic call from our client saying she TOTALLY forgot and had set the alarm without giving us the code. She had been receiving multiple calls from her emergency contact as well as the Alarm system saying there had been an attempted break can imagine where this story is going.

I quickly emailed Amy to let her know I had been in touch with our client and that we were sorry for the confusion and possible police run-in...

Below is an unedited email I received from Amy shortly after that which pretty much made my week...Hilarious!!! Glad everyone involved has a good sense of humor!!!!! I only wish we had a picture of the following A. Amy "reasoning" with alarm key pad and B. The moment Amy decided to get the heck out of dodge and RUN!!!

It was hilarious. I thought everything was going to be ok when the alarm stopped and this voice came through the loud speaker that said "This is ADT (or whatever), do you need us to call the police?" And I said "No! I'm just the dog walker. Everything is fine. . ." and then she asked me if I had a pass code, I told her that I didn't, but that I had permission to be there. She asked for my name and then. . .silence. . .and then the alarm started up again. So I ran. :)

Friday, September 2, 2011


******The following post is written by Amy Fagan, my awesome co-worker that keeps me sane and cracks me up on a daily basis...Thanks, Amy!!*****


Dog arrested at James Island County Park for the crimes of assault with intent to give kisses, panhandling for affection and the abduction of hearts!

O.K. Obviously, we're kidding. CDWC's dear friend Jesse (a Shepherd mix) is sitting in the back of this Charleston County Police Department's squad car because he and his owner were the victims of a robbery Tuesday morning at the James Island County Park.

In the 45 minutes that Jesse and his owner strolled the trails at JICP, a criminal approached their car, smashed a window and proceeded to make off with the contents of the car, including a purse that was hidden under the back seat. Before Jesse's owner could contact the bank, the thieves racked up over $400 in purchases.

Jesse and his owner returned to their car to find JICP staff standing by as the police arrived. One other person was the victim of a robbery that morning and Jesse and his owner had to wait in the parking lot as the police officers processed the automobile. Due to Jesse's age and issues with overheating, the police officers were kind enough to allow Jesse to cool his heels in the squad car. We think he looks right at home in the back seat of the car. Perhaps he's a good candidate for a K-9 Unit? Jesse, get your vest!

This is an unfortunate reminder that we need to make sure our valuables are secure, even when visiting a place as quiet and serene as JICP. Take minimal cash, take all keys with you and put your driver's license in your pocket. (Don't need any crooks knowing your address, do we?)

Please keep in mind that this didn't happen in an ill-lit parking lot in the dead of night. It happened somewhere between 9:00 - 9:45 a.m. on a beautiful, breezy morning, in a place where many of us feel rather safe during out visits! Don't be stressed or scared, just be cautious. We would hate to hear of this happening to any of our other friends!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rockville Regatta through the eyes of Daisy and Eloise!

Daisy helped to steady the photographer while he took this shot from the boat...good work Daisy!

After a cruise through the regatta, Daisy hops off the boat to survey the scene on the dock.

Baby Eloise enjoying her first PUPcream!!

A dog's job is never done...Daisy keeping 2 eyes on the regatta at all times!

Eloise relaxing with a bowl of water and one sandal...starting to get the hang of Rockville!

After a loooong day of socializing...a well deserved rest for the hostest with the mostest!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Alice showing new baby bro. Churchill how this whole walking and stairs thing is done!

"Now Churchill, watch my form, see, just like this."

"Smile for the nice lady, Churchill, she'll give us treats!"

"Good Job, Churchill!!! You will be going up and down in no time at all!"

Work, Work, Work...It's allllll I ever do!

Lola, how do you stay so well-balanced in life?

"Every now and then, you have to stop and smell the flowers."-Lola

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind...

Hey! That's not a baby!

Maggie and Mister recently received the best present ever, a new baby brother! Prior to baby Thomas's arrival, Mister was busted by his mom, trying to help break in the new crib...Clearly nesting isn't just for moms :)

Mid-day dance party...Lab Style!

Who says dance parties are only for humans?? Check out Baylor and River as they break it down for the camera...

All that dancing leads to an afternoon snooze fest!

Good luck barking your way out of this one, Homer!

"Spike in backyard crime is directly related to heat!" -Homer Brady

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

STARING CONTEST 101 Demonstrated By: Ali Isaacson

Notice Ali's wide-eyed technique while demonstrating how to beat ANYONE at a staring contest. Way to keep your eye on the prize, Ali!!!!!

CDWC delivers 2 winners at the Charleston Dog Show!!!

Hoooraaaaaaaaaaay!!! Charleston Dog Walking Company is beyond thrilled to announce that 2 of our clients won awards in this year's Charleston Dog Show. Izzy Chanler (handled by her adoring mother Margaret) took home 4th place in the Toy Breed class while Abby Burnet brought home 2nd place in the Rescue Class. Pretty darn impressive for two pups who had never stepped foot in the ring before!!!!

Izzy Posing after a long day of smiling for the judges

Abby and me accepting the ribbon!

Me and the big winner!

Pretty sure the guy in the sweatpants and mandals walking to the left of us took home the "best dressed" ribbon, hehehe :)

WHO WORE IT BETTER??? Beatrice or Beyonce

Notice these similar styles below. Beatrice takes a more tousled bangs approach while Beyonce jazzes her do up with some hair flair. Personally, I think Beatrice's effortless look will carry her through the summer right into a fashionable fall, while Beyonce's look may, well... just fall short. Thoughts?

Moosy getting her tan on!

Little Moosy seems to REALLY be into her tan this year. I've busted her on multiple occasions shamelessly sunning herself in the backyard after breakfast...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maggie and Mister!

I had such a fabulous time hanging out with these two Boxer siblings over the weekend. Maggie and Mister are as cute as they sound. 2 peas in a pod, these two loooooove playing chase, snuggling, exploring, and snuggling some more. Over the weekend I learned two new things about each of them. Maggie LOVES a good sprinkler system and Mister is NOT afraid to take a flying leap into a swimming pool, regardless if he knows how to swim or not...Luckily for me, he was a natural!

Mister caught deep in thought on a ride to the park!

Moments before Maggie discovered the sprinkler

Sprinkler:1 Maggie: 0

Mister getting the hang of this whole pool thing


Last Friday was a very big day for a very small pup! Izzy turned 1! She had a fabulous birthday party with hats and goody bags for all. Check her out below hanging with her best buddy Willie!

Monday, May 2, 2011

1 Blonde Bear + 1 Hot Dog = Just another day at Rockville

Check out these great shots of Miss B and Henry kicking it pool and dockside at Rockville...

Miss B relaxing after taking the first dip of the season! When asked if it is too chilly, she responded with a loooooong yawn...not really sure what that means!

All that swimming really helped Miss B work up an appetite. Here she is enjoying a rawhide poolside.

After a while Miss B was joined by her Bestie, Henry!

Henry wasn't feeling as adventurous and chose to stay dry that day (it has nothing to do with his lil' swimming legs, I assure you). He must've had a long night before, because as you can see below, he can hardly keep his eyes open for a photo opp.

After his "sitting nap" he finally came over to say hello...

As you can see a BLONDE BEAR and a HOT DOG's job is never done....There they go, back up the dock to investigate what is happening next door!