Sunday, December 19, 2010


Oh how time flies!!!!!!! Ruthy May Clawson turned 7 years old on Saturday, December 18th. Although her father and I were out of town, she got to spend the weekend at her favorite place, Grandma and Grandpa's house! Ruthy was such a lucky dog as she was treated to a breakfast birthday surprise of scrambled eggs!!!! Her afternoon consisted of hours of ball and playtime with big sissy Lily Bell and little sis Moosy. In honor of Ruthy's big day, I've gathered a few fun photos and a list of her many and most famous nicknames...

Rudy May
May May
May Lo
Baby Bear
New Born
Ru Ru Bean
Baby Ruth
Tootie May
Rudy Toots
Daddy's #1 Sous Chef

CDWC raises over 500 LBS. of pet food for local shelters !!!!

Recently, CDWC participated in a pet food drive during the first twelve days in December. Unsure of what to expect as this was the first time, I am THRILLED to announce that CDWC raised 500 LBS of pet food. This food was donated to Charleston Animal Society, Pet Helpers, and the Francis R. Willis SPCA. Such an overwhelming feeling to give to animals in need. Thank you to all who helped make this a successful pet food drive!!

Tailgate packet to the brim with puppy, adult dog, kitten, and adult kitten food...Off to shelters to share the good news!

1st stop, Charleston Animal Society
Thank goodness for the dolly on wheels!!!

Father Christmas!!

Although my oldest client, Charlie, can't wiggle with excitement, he still gets into the Christmas spirit! Check him out below looking very pensive as he wonders what Santa Paws will bring this year!

Security at an all time high!!!

As Christmas approaches, I've noticed that security has really tightened up around town. I recently ran into this lil' guy, Rufus, below while at a client's house. Fortunately for me, I was able to bribe my way through the door with some low-sodium mini goldfish...Phew!

I thought I was home free until his equally as skeptical, plain-clothed partner Homer was not far behind for back up...It took a little more coaxing, a few more goldfish, and a business card to assure them that I was who I said I was. Hope Santa Paws is prepared!

Chilly Days in Charleston!

As the weather cools down in Charleston...CDWC clients keep warm in the latest Canine Couture...check em' out!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chuly, the baby bulldog!

Although I can't walk this little munchkin...(she lives in California) I thought I'd share her adorable first photos. She is a new addition to my friend Shannon's family. How Lucky!!!


Moose Clawson received an early Christmas present this weekend to keep her warm as the chilly days approach. She had a hard time deciding between a red or green cable knit sweater. She ultimately chose green as she didn't want to be confused with Santa Paws so close to Christmas....

Finny the Pug!

Finn is such a joy to visit...always eager to wiggle...I mean walk! One of Finn's favorite tricks is to play dead near the end of our walk. He finds his favorite patch of grass, flops over and stares at me upside down. Normally, he stays like this as I poke and prod him and ask him if he's alive. always amazing how fast he comes back to life when I reach in my bag for his favorite treat! He flips back over and off we go! This game does NOT get old and we both enjoy it thoroughly...I only wonder what the neighbors think!

Meet Bowie: sweetie with a side of sass

You would never know it the way she gazes into the camera for her close up!

Hody and The Wolf...Literally!

The other day I spent the afternoon caring for Hody and got to meet her best friend Jay Jay. Now, many of you remember Hody as the laid back Boston Terrier that I typically have to drag out of bed for our noon walk. Well, now I know why she can be so relaxed. Her best friend Jay Jay? Yeah...he's a wolf!! Seriously. I got to walk a cool is that?? Jay Jay was so much fun and the two of them were like two peas in a pod. I should also add that Jay Jay was waaaaaaaaay better behaved than any of my three dogs on a leash!

Dylan and his Treasures!

Dylan is one of my most diligent walkers. Not only does he keep an excellent pace, he walks with a purpose. Each morning we set out on a new journey and during our time together he chooses a treasure of his choice. Some days it may be as big as driftwood and other days just a single leaf. Once he chooses his treasure he keeps it until we return home. Then, he runs inside frantically looking for his mom and/or dad to show them his treasure of the day! I've started to document our daily discoveries...Enjoy!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Clawson's Pumpkin Patch!

A friend of mine gave me 3 adorable pumpkin costumes for the girls!!!!!
It's as if they were born to be pumpkins...wouldn't you agree???

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hi Gang!

I realize that the CDWC blog has been very quiet during the month of October and for good reason. It has been a very busy month here, but not to worry, I am back!

Today's post is very personal to me, because it's about a little guy that I've had the pleasure of walking every day, twice a day. His name is Robby and his foster mom is a saint, a full-time medical student saint! Two weeks ago, Elizabeth called me and asked for my help as she embarked on a rescue mission so great, that it restored my belief that one individual really can make a difference...

Please take the time to read Robbie's story, written by his foster mom, Elizabeth. If you would like more information on how you can help Robby, feel free to contact me. His needs change weekly. If nothing else, please forward this on to others.

Pictures of Robby:
Read Robbie's Story:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bike Restoration COMPLETE!

After many hours of restoration, my 1960's Sears beach cruiser is complete and better than ever. The guys over at Affordabike ( did an excellent job. The finished product looks even better with Phoebe Ernestine, (my basket riding assistant) in the picture. Look how great it turned out!